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Announcing the 3rd IBC!


Announcing the 3rd IBC!


Our official announcement of the 3rd International Backgammon Championship should be coming to your inbox very soon! All players must be registered and have completed registration fee payment no later than Sunday, September 8, 2013. The tournament will commence on Sunday, September 22nd, 2013. I will post a copy of the announcement as soon as it is out.

  1. Friedrich Rattinger
    Friedrich Rattinger09-25-2013

    I payd for this event and the captain of the Austrian team nominated me.
    But I cannot find my name in the start list.
    Friedrich Rattinger

  2. Daniel Arreola
    Daniel Arreola10-01-2013

    Por una confusión pensé que el Torneo daba inicio el Martes 2 de Oct. No he jugado. Que puedo hacer

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