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Official Announcement of the 3rd IBC


Official Announcement of the 3rd IBC


We are excited to announce a completely new and different format for the 3rd IBC. Our new format has FREE entry, a very low registration fee, allows up to 16 player representatives per country, and a guaranteed prize pool! We expect to have the largest number of countries and players ever to participate in an online backgammon tournament. We welcome your participation.

The 3rd IBC will be organized as follows:

Entry Fee FREE.

Registration Fee 21 Euros.

The IBC is a non-profit enterprise. Left over funds will be used in next year’s event.


The 3rd IBC will accept up to a total of 16 player representatives per country. Player representative eligibility will be determined by each respective Federation / Organization. Where no Federation or Organization exists in a country, individual players can join provided they designate a captain to be the organizer from their country, approved by the Organizing Committee.

Registration fee submission and other duties required by the rules of the tournament will be the responsibility of each Federation President and/or Organization Director.

Registration Fee Deadline

All registration fees must be paid no later than Sunday, September 15, 2013. Payment is to be made by PayPal or wire transfer. Federation Presidents, Organization Directors, or their representatives, may submit total registration fees due for all their respective tournament participants via our Pay Registration Fee form. Payment by PayPal is highly encouraged. Wire instructions will be forwarded to those who request them. Pre-registration is required to access the form.

Tournament Registration Deadline

Paid tournament particpants must complete both the pre-registration and tournament registration forms no later than Sunday, September 15, 2013.

Tournament Start Date and Announcement of Draw

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013.

Players in the same country will not be subject to playing each other until unavoidable in late rounds.


All match play will take place online. Current and/or future sponsors reserve the right to require selected matches to be played live. Sponsor(s) will be responsible for associated air fares and hotel expenses incurred by players in this regard. Air fares and hotel expenses must be pre-approved by Sponsor(s) and Organizers.

Prize Pool

We are currently guaranteeing a minimum of 4,700 Euros. We are working diligently to secure additional sponsors to increase that amount. The current prize pool has been graciously underwritten by 3 very special players. They have made a commitment in their desire to see backgammon grow, and additionally to permit our 3rd IBC to be kicked off immediately. Trophies will be awarded to individual winners. Medals will be awarded to the winning Country Prize team members.

Tournament Format

We will run sixteen 16-player preliminary brackets, subject to the number of participants. The winners of each bracket will be automatically registered into a final 16-player Playoff bracket. Players from the same Federation will be evenly distributed throughout the sixteen preliminary brackets. Should the size of the overall field require byes, all players will have equal chance.

All rounds of the preliminary brackets will be a best 2-of-3 series for 11 points. The semi-final of the Playoff will be best 2-of-3 for 13 points, and the Championship Final will be best 2-of-3 for 15 points. Each round will last 14 days. Round deadlines will be strictly adhered to.

Country Prize

Points will be awarded to players’ respective countries for each match win within a series. Medals will be presented to the team amassing the most points.

Prize Pool Distribution

The individual winner will receive 50% of the prize fund, the finalist 25%, and each semi-finalist 12.5%, plus medals.

Match Proctors

Proctors will be required during the semi-finals, and final of the Playoff. Proctors will be compensated up to 75 Euro depending on the requirement in in each particular country. Additional rounds of proctors may be added depending on the availability of funds.


All matches will be recorded and subject to computer and human analysis for possibility of irregularities. The performance level in proctored matches will be compared to the performance level in non-proctored matches and with the player’s performance in other tournaments. Match logs will be REQUIRED to be submitted when a match win is reported.


The IBC Tournament rules will be completely revised and simplified to accommodate our new format. We expect to finalize and publish our new ruleset based up on the new format within in the next 2 weeks. It will be available for review on


Federation Presidents, Organization Directors, and prospective tournament participants are asked to please pre-register on our website at Tournament Pre-Registration.

The 3rd IBC tournament registration form will require additional information only from those who are paid participants. We will require players to select their Federation name, enter their GridGammon nickname, select an initial rating for maintaining stats, and verify that they have read and understood the rules of the event. Those players who do not have GridGammon accounts will gain access to a form to submit new account requests. This form will only be provided
to those who are paid participants.

New Website & Tournament System

Our current IBC website may be found at We are working hard to make major modifications to our site to meet the needs of an extremely large field, including ease of reporting, player scheduling of matches, and match results. Please excuse work under construction on the site.


Let us you know want to participate! Please confirm your participation by notifying Tara Mendicino by email before Saturday, June 1, 2013. Let us know how many players you estimate may be representing your Federation, or Organization.

We need your help in providing estimates to potential sponsors of the number of players and countries participating, so please let us know as early as possible.

If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Tara Mendicino Director 3rd IBC

3rd IBC Organizing Committee

Bill Riles (U.S. Backgammon Federation)

Mochy Mochizuki (Japanese Backgammon League)

Scarlett Serrero (French Backgammon Federation)

  1. Rodryk Schoenfeld
    Rodryk Schoenfeld09-11-2013

    Dear Tara,
    I have a question regarding the tournament format: how many rounds will be played in the preliminary brackets? In other words: what is the minimum number of matches each participant will play?
    Best regards,

    • Tara Mendicino
      Tara Mendicino09-11-2013

      Hi Rodryk, The format is single-elim. The preliminary brackets will be 4 rounds (round of 16). The playoff bracket will be 4 rounds (also a round of 16).

      In all prior IBC events, they have always been single-elim, best 2-of-3 format. For this year, we are not deviating from that.

      Let me know if you have any questions!


      • Rodryk Schoenfeld
        Rodryk Schoenfeld09-11-2013

        Thank you!

    • Rodryk Schoenfeld
      Rodryk Schoenfeld09-11-2013

      … I found the drawsheet. That answers my question: minimum 1 match, single elimination format.

  2. serge dahan
    serge dahan09-24-2013

    hello tara
    comment trouver son adversaire merci

  3. Leonardo Jerkovic
    Leonardo Jerkovic09-24-2013

    actually minimum is 2 matches to 11 points, since you need to lose 2 in first round to be eliminated!

  4. maria del carmen casas
    maria del carmen casas10-01-2013

    Donde veo las grillas??

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